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I am Paula Ness, a native of Albuquerque, New Mexico.  All of my jewelry is cast, and handmade by me, in my Albuquerque studio workshop.


I have always incorporated the passion I have for nature in all forms of my art.  While studying photography at the University of New Mexico, I was inspired by the photographic work of Karl Blossfeldt, Imogen Cunningham, and painter Georgia O’Keefe.


I “stumbled into” jewelry making when I needed a studio credit for my Bachelors in Fine Arts.  I chose a small metals class, got hooked, and a new direction for my artistic career developed as I fell in love with the process of working with metal.


Eventually, I began to cast organic materials enabling me to align the richness of natures’ aesthetic, with my own desire to create beauty.


Many of the pods, flowers and vines I use in my work are grown in my garden or collected from the surrounding southwest landscape.  By using the actual organic form to cast, the intricate beauty of natures’ textures is captured in each piece, turning it into an exquisite, whimsical, one of a kind, wearable piece of art!


I hope you enjoy Anthomania as much as I do!