Welcome to Anthomania!
Jewelry inspired by nature and created from castings of real flowers, twigs, tendrils, and pods.

Anthomania means "an intense fondness for flowers" and New Mexico native Paula Ness, shows her love of flowers and nature in the jewelry she creates.

In her casting process, the actual flower, twig, tendril or pod is used to burn-out...creating a cavity, that is filled with molten sterling silver. After cooling and cleaning, the original organic form is replicated by a texturally exquisite, sterling silver "cast"...ready to be transformed into a wearable, one-of-a-kind, statement piece of jewelry!

Paula studied art at the University of New Mexico, and fell in love with the process of working with metal. After learning jewelry fabrication, she took a Casting class and was introduced to the process of casting wax objects, leading to experimentation with "organic casting." That was it...the niche!

"Once I started the process of casting real flowers, twigs, tendrils and pods...it became an obsession...the more I cast, the more I wanted to cast!"

After achieving degrees in Fine Arts and Education, Paula became an art educator...all the while following her obsessive passion for casting new botanicals for her jewelry creations!

Paula continues her exploration in casting and jewelry making, surrounded by the Southwest plants that are her muse...naturally!

ANTHO is the Greek root word for FLOWER
MANIA is a form of MADNESS
This was the perfect fit for nature's jewelry to be named!

I hope you enjoy Anthomania Jewelry as much as I do!